You're wondering: "How does this professional organizer thing actually work?  What does she actually do?  And most importantly, how can she help me?"

  • I work with professional women who are too overwhelmed, too confused, too tired, too stressed, and too busy to address their clutter alone.
  • I work with retirees who feel anxious when they try to get organized and need a helping hand.
  • I work with couples who have difficulty coming to agreement on how to organize.
  • I work with DIY-ers who want to tackle an organizing project themselves and just need a little "nudge" to get started.
  • I work with small business owners who know they're having a tough time keeping on top of everything, and just can't figure out how to make a change.

What kind of projects might you hire a professional organizer for?  Any project where you could use some expert, creative help making a space - or a process - in your home or office work better for you.  Typical projects include:

  • Getting control of your paperwork - finally!
  • Downsizing with intention and compassion
  • Unpacking from a move - even if it happened years ago
  • Crafting a personal creative space
  • Improving the work flow of your office, so you can focus on your business
  • Creating a warm, welcoming bedroom that's a sanctuary - not a nightmare
  • Making closets and storage areas functional
  • Optimizing the flow of your bathroom, so you get out the door quickly each morning
  • Organizing kitchens and pantries your families can enjoy

The process starts with a free 30-minute consultation in your home or office.  We'll talk about your project, your goals, your budget, and how involved you'd like to be in the process.  It's an opportunity for us to get to know each other.  Then you decide whether you'd like to work together.

Are you still wondering, "What does a professional organizer do, anyway?"  Check out my blog post.