Q:  How does your process work?

A:  I like to work in a way that will work for you.  Generally, I start with a free 30-minute consultation in your home or office.  We talk about your project and about how you would like to work - some people prefer a DIY consultation, where I provide you with a written action plan.  Others choose an on-site professional organizing session or sessions.  On-site sessions usually run about 3-5 hours each.

Q:  Do I have to let you throw out all my stuff?

A:  No way!  It's your stuff; you remain 100% in charge of it.  My job is to be your organizing BFF - a respectful, impartial, knowledgeable friend who will help you to decide what stays, and where it should go.

Q:  My place is a total mess.  I feel embarrassed about having anyone see it.

A:  There is no need to be embarrassed.  We're all just people, and we all have things we feel better and worse about.  Plus, believe me when I say that I have seen worse.  Way worse.  And, I need to see your space in its usual state, so I can get a better idea of how you really use it day-to-day.  That way I can bring you solutions that will work for you into the future.

Q:  I'm pretty sure I don't need to pay a professional organizer - I have all these great ideas I got on Pinterest and YouTube.

A:  These are great sources for ideas and inspiration.  The thing that you can only get from a professional organizer, though, is the expertise about how to put those ideas into action for your own situation.  Also, as when you hire a personal trainer at the gym, we provide motivation and accountability.

Q:  I'm not sure I need a professional organizer.  Or if I want to work with you specifically.

A:  Fair enough - shoot me an email, and I will answer any questions you have.  Or, request a free in-home consultation.

Q:  I just read this great organizing book, and I really liked its approach. Can you help me implement it?

A:  Of course - the name of my game is finding out what works best for you and going with it.

Q:  Can I just give you the key to my place and come back when you have everything shipshape?

A:  Sure!  You can be as involved (or not) as you want to be.  Again, it's my job to find out what works for you.

Q:  Can you recommend a good, ready out of the box, filing system?

A:  I recommend FreedomFiler.  I use it in my own home - I have the "Self-Employed Filing Kit," which includes sections for both home and one small business.  Check out my blog post about how to create a "finding cabinet," where you can actually find important papers when you need them - it includes a code for a 15% discount.